My name is Elise Archer and for many years I have been dominating the e-interwebs in my evil yet noble mission to spread Harley Quinn like jam all over the toast of online fandom.

In addition to maintaining the number one resource for all things Harley Quinn over at Harley’s Haven, I have developed a bit of a rep for cosplaying her in every capacity and every opportunity I can concoct, have a dedicated tribute to her relationship with the Joker, have written butt-tonnes of fanfiction about the two of them, have a youTube channel with some stuff, give Mistah J his fair share of atttention over at Love Dat Joker and strive to bring Harley & Ivy burlesque to world dominion as part of Gotham Fatale.

I’ve been lucky enough to be acknowledged as a mega-massive HQ fan by having Harley use my name as an alias in an issue of the comics and that’s me in that super-amazing photo at the top too. I organised Harleypalooza at SDCC and at the moment am running a postcard campaign to get DC to stop screwing around with Harley the way they are!