It’s unbelievable that I have to say this

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But I will without any type of qualms unfollow anyone who reblogs pictures of an ongoing rape.

I don’t care if I’ve been following you since the dawn of Tumblr. I don’t care if we’re absolutely best buddies. One picture and you’re out. 

#pixellated or not #I don’t fucking care #I don’t even care that you potentially trigger your readers #I care that you are perpetuating the violation of the victim

yes this yes this

ima have to do this.

I haven’t been scrolling my dash enough to see if this has been happening a lot from the people I follow, but I know the case this is referring to, I saw it on my dash earlier today and it did trigger me.

I haven’t unfollowed the people in question and I’m not going to because I don’t think there was any ill will, just a lack of thought. But seriously, I just want to bring this to your attention:

"I care that you are perpetuating the violation of the victim"

THIS. This is what happens when you reblog that photo. You are circulating a photo of someone’s RAPE. 

Can you please, PLEASE think beyond your own (justified) anger and disgust at the animals responsible to consider and PRIORITISE the victim of this terrible crime, who has already been so revoltingly violated and who is being repeatedly violated with a photo of the abuse she was subjected to getting circulated far and wide. It is just the grossest disregard of her and what she has been through in favour of eliciting reactions in people who don’t even know this girl.

Can you also please remember THIS GIRL IS SIXTEEN. She’s underage, as far as I understand it, within her state. 

It’s just a little responsibility that you have to take.

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    i havent seen this happen but do people actually do this ughhhhhh
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    I haven’t been scrolling my dash enough to see if this has been happening a lot from the people I follow, but I know the...
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