Harley Quinn Aid!

January 13, 2013 by clownyprincess

zombie-harlequin said: Oh man. Well it's SQ issue 15, and her and the Joker are fighting. This ends with him locking her in a cellar, surrounded by skeletons clad in HQ gear. It then goes, Joker: 'Instead, I'm going to lock you down here with all the others!' Harley:' Others what?' Joker: 'Other Harleys! What, you thought you were the first one? I can tell you this. You won't even be the last.' :|


  1. tallestsilver said: WAT. I mean… I could see the Joker pulling a stunt like this… IF IT WERE A JOKE. He would do anything for a joke. BUT THAT’S NOT FUNNY, DC. JOKER DOESN’T EVEN THINK THAT’S FUNNY
  2. 2originalcents said: I feel like i just got punched in the stomach.
  3. moxycrimefighter said: I wanna lock DC down in a basement with all my other comics and screech at THEM “DO YOU THINK YOU WERE THE FIRST ONE?!” I am DONE with you DC
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