January 13, 2013 by clownyprincess

I don’t even know how to react to that news except to say… I thought it couldn’t get any more horrible than it already was, but somehow. Somehow… it did.

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    I have a feeling this is something I shouldn’t bother to google because of the massive amounts of rage it would induce.
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    Wait, what? WHAT!?
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    Hahahahahahha oh god and here I thought DC couldn’t fuck up Harley any worse. They keep finding new levels of terrible.
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    ;_; The plot twist doesn’t even make SENSE…if there were other Harley Quinn’s over the years how the hell would Harley...
  6. eisernedrossel said: //what? what now? >__<
  7. solowoohooinpillowfort said: Shit like this is the reason why the only DC reboot comic I *regularly* read is All-Star Western. Harley and her puddin’ deserve better!
  8. moofable said: Oh no, what did they do?
  9. moxycrimefighter said: on a plus note have you seen the new HQ iphone case? that brightened my day.
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