August 26, 2011 by clownyprincess

Oh HAI, tumblrs! What did you do this week?


(For those who are going ‘wha??’ - I went from natural redhead to blonde. A decision I have been trying to make for YEARS!)

So apparently it’s quite tricky to go from red to blonde because of the red pigment, but my hair took the bleach really well (and didn’t break AT ALL!!!!!! Miracle…) and, after toning, was almost the platinum I would ultimately like. However, it was a bit uneven and overtoned (normal) so I put a golden-blonde rinse through it which has made me feel a lot happier with the colour. I’ll be Marilyn-platinum in a couple of months but for a first-time bleach, my hair took it REALLY well. The hairdresser was really surprised, by both that and the lack of overall damage.

So excuse the REALLY bad photos - combination of my crummy mobile phone camera and poor lighting in my apartment - which really does not show the lovely fair golden-blonde tone it is - and makes the ends look a bit orange, which they’re not (I thankfully did not get that burnt-orange look home bleachers get - but then, i forked out a lotta dough for this do, so I’d hope not!) but they are darker at the ends, it’s like a natural gradiation blonde which is really, really cool.  But in these photos, it looks really faded and dull, which it isn’t… but then, my hot pink dress looks washed out too!

So, why blonde, after all this time? I LOVE my natural red hair and it was a hard decision, but there’s a heap of cosplays I want to do that will simply be easier to style to desire without need for a wig. Plus I plan on going ahead with my Marilyn impersonation enterprise, and it will be far easier to do that without a wig too. But I’m a few months off that platinum…

Anyway, I’m getting used to it but I’m enjoying it overall!!!!! I’m debuting it tonight - none of my friends really know that I did this!!! Exciting!

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    BEAUTIFUL! I’ll miss the red hair (lol that sounds slightly creepy), but you look great in blonde. Real-life Harley for...
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    So much hair envyyyy. It looks really pretty. This makes me want to go blonde even more than I wanted to before.
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    omg it looks great on you! You are seriously a real life harley. :’D you soo pretttttyyyy :3
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    OH MY GIDDY GIDDY GOSH I DON’T KNOW WHETHER TO CRY OR BE JEALOUS. First off, you must know I’m a bit of a female Dick...
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    Th-that’s a beatiful colour, suits you too quite well! B-but… But the red… I envied your red hair so much. My natural...
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  14. lynai said: I love the change! Your hair looks gorgeous and I’m really liking the outfit you have on to go along with it! It looks as if you stepped out of a 1940’s theater. x)
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