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August 5, 2014 by clownyprincess

wellthisisgr8 said: hey! have you seen Assault On Arkham yet? it has an awesome level of A+ Joker/Harley moments (he refers to her as his "stuff" in one scene and I squealed). Unfortunately DC clearly made it so that there was some gross Harley/Deashot pairing but overall it was a great movie for JxH.

hey sorry for the late reply.

I haven’t seen it yet! Honestly hearing about the Deadshot stuff makes me genuinely nauseous.

I have no end of guilt that the Haven is so ridiculously out of date (my other computer needs the screen fixed so I can get the files) and I’m out of date too. I don’t know what’s going on. And then I get stressed out about how much I have to catch up on and avoid it even more. Ugh. It’s a vicious cycle.

I do know that the world of DC Comics doesn’t feel like one I belong in anymore. I don’t like the changes. I don’t like the way things are going. I want to update the Haven and all to keep that meticulous record of all things HQ going but… They cut out a little bit of my heart and I’m so disillusioned now. 

I want to go back to cosplaying HQ when I feel all good and ready and healthy but… my heart is not in with DC Comics anymore. :/

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Mark Hammill imagines what a conversation between the Joker and Luke Skywalker would sound like, and it’s the best thing to happen to me today. 

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— Arkham City #4

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Yale Stewart.

Yale Stewart.

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Joker Week: Day 2 —-> Favorite Joker Incarnations

Comic Joker

"That woman loves me, y’know. She does."

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halfmeasured replied to your post: “remember when there were actual panels of Poison Ivy punching and…”:
yah and even beyond how ivy is physically towards her she’s also very controlling too. harley’s two major relationships are abusive and ppl can’t really accept that the f/f one is.

people absolutely refuse to acknowledge how the f/f one is.

admittedly some JxH shippers have argued that ship isn’t abusive either, but it’s really a minority to the folks who seriously truly believe HxI is this idyllic utopian rship of pure fluffy equal love that will ~*save*~ Harley.

I’m not down with either: both rships are abusive, and… I love them!

January 23, 2014 by clownyprincess

jesus, idk what to tell you, if you don’t know already by now I am a diehard JokerxHarley shipper, then pull your heads out of your arses cos that’s the only way I can figure you missed the memo.

it doesn’t make me less of a feminist, any less of a queer woman, any less of a person with a history of having been abused and my PERSONAL PREFERENCE for one ship over another doesn’t mean I can’t perceive/consider the possible avenues of exploration in the other ship.  SPOILER ALERT: I can, I have and I still prefer JokerHarley.


Suck it up.

January 23, 2014 by clownyprincess

the thing is, I can’t even summon up much emotion about all this. I’ve been resigned to JxH being dead and, well, Harley herself being dead for quite a long time now.

A while back, it all really affected me. zhinxy can attest, we would be chatting and I would be SOBBING, literally bawling my eyes out, choking, crying, absolutely distraught about the character fuckups and the lack of JxH or whatever. Back when DC could play with my heart like a harp from hell! I was a wreck, every damn month. 

But not anymore. I’m not gonna give that much emotion to something that is going to, continually and forever, just spit it back in my face. I realised as they persisted with New 52 that the golden age of DC was done and dusted and the only thing to do was emotionally distance myself. I’ve resigned myself to accepting they will either change things all up again in a few years and go back to form/reintroduce it all for a new gen, or that at the very least I have everything since 1992 to pre-52 to look back on, remember and treasure forever. I will always be a fan of that stuff! (except, you know, the stuff that sucks) and they can never ever take all that way away from me. It exists. It is real. It set the standard. And for thousands of fans it will always be the epitome of what makes these characters great. We have it forever. 

And I will never forget how they listened to our letter writing campaign and gave us something REALLY good before they changed it all up (changed it - but can never truly erase it). That wouldn’t work anymore, they are too concerned with their young straight male demographic and a glib, superficial sort of occasional stab at ‘inclusivity’, but it DID. AND WE DID THAT. Us, the fans. 

They will never take away all the work I did (and I still have it all though some of it isn’t online rn - but will be again!) or what I contributed to this fandom as a direct result of the characters and relationships they gave us and I will always have that.

And you know, they will keep getting my money! I won’t stop til I have all the merch and yes, even all the comics that HQ appears in. That’s the kind of fan I am. Judge me if you like, but I have already accepted the old days are done, new 52 is here to stay and I am a fan of HARLEY and nothing will stop me from indulging in the paraphernalia around her that makes me feel good and satisifes my need to be her (always) #1 fan. 

But yeah. I’m bummed, but I refuse to give new 52 too much of my emotional energy. They don’t deserve it!! 

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[resigned sigh in direction of harley’s tag]

#there are two things I’m baffled about
#first being that H/I sharing a bed is not groundbreaking news
#second being that they’re both so painfully OOC it kinda hurts to see
#but now the fandom won’t shut up about how it’s wonderful that ‘it’s canon and happy and healthy whee’

Yessss. I just. Harley and Ivy have shared a bed before. Harley and Ivy’s relationship is not healthy. That is not how Poison Ivy acts at all. That is not how Harley Quinn acts. She didn’t even call her Red? 
Everyone is just throwing a god damn party because they have Harley and Ivy written like a bad “besties” sitcom. I get that its exciting to see your pairing together, but how can you be excited over something so painfully out of character being actual canon? If you want this sort of thing in fan fiction and fanart then fine, okay. But now this is completely messing with years and years of backstory and original canon.

and, in fact, this is EXACTLY what they did with Harley’s FIRST solo series way back in the early 00s. Like, exactly! They played Harley & Ivy together exactly the same way and it was awkward and weird and OOC.
I mean, I don’t know these characters in the new 52 but back then having Ivy be so soft and passive and mild and etc was fuckn WEIRD and out of nowhere.
I don’t know what she’s like in new 52, probably they’ve bastardised her like they have done everyone and because no female villain is ever permitted to just be truly evil like the boys, but it’s not a change I’d want to see.

This bullshit idea that a relationship with Ivy will ‘rescue’ Harley from the Joker when canonically Ivy has been really shitty to Harley just shows me the cognitive dissonance involved in the approach to the trio by everyone. It’s all, anyone but the Joker is automatically going to be ‘better’, even if we have to twist them into unrecognisable shadows of themselves.
Not to mention the breathtaking inability to understand the dynamics at work.

I’m not interested in fan service when it can’t even be fucked to stay true to character type.

On a related note, I really have to get jokerxharley.com back online :/

January 23, 2014 by clownyprincess

the thing I hate most about them getting the H & I thing going is that whilst mine and others’ objections are based in the fact that the ONE TRUE SHIP is Joker and Harley & they’ve been doing a shit job with them for too long a time, is that in context with a homophobic society, the objections are inherently homophobic* - (remember I am queer and most often going out with women) - like there’s no getting around we’re stating a preference for a heterosexual relationship over a lesbian one and, due to the reality that the world is deeply homophobic with the well-established and overused trope of lesbian women ultimately choosing men reflecting this, it has inextricable implications to that. BUT if there’s one thing DC DOES need, it’s more queerness. It’s another reason them using existing characters who have instrinsic and powerful connections to other existing characters (upon which whole fandoms have been born lined their pockets) to fill queer quota cred is lazy and sleazy and irresponsible and a dump on the chest of all fans. 

*if you don’t understand why this is, don’t ask. I’m not in the mood to explain. Just cram it. Do some research or something.

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by Alex Ross

oh that old feeling…


by Alex Ross


oh that old feeling…

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Harley Quinn Aid!

January 8, 2014 by clownyprincess

wellthisisgr8 said: hey Elise! I've been a huge fan of your Harley fanfics for a long time. I've been checking them out again recently and just finished Arkham Asylum: Tainted Love. Just wondering if your fics have a timeline, and if so, what order should I read them in? Thanks!



They don’t have an order really… Tainted Love chronologically falls first but I didn’t consider them much otherwise in a timeline… though some occur after certain comic events and all…

… this ask inspired me to check out my own fanfic and I read Quality Time (where Harls and J crash a bunch of rogues’ places) which I haven’t thought of in literally years and it made me laugh so much. It’s not perfect but actually I didn’t get TOO much of the cringe factor so everyone should go and read Quality Time.

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The Joker by danmoraThe Joker


The Joker by danmora
The Joker

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